Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Information for Assessment

Having followed the URL provided with my application you are at the Learning Journal for Photography 2: Progressing with Digital Photography.

Navigation within the Journal is via Index Labels. These can be found on the right hand side of the screen and catagorise the various assignments, exercises, exhibitions visited,   research and writing. Within the assignments are various images that illustrate the progress of the work. There are no images relating to assignments in this journal that are for assesment, due to the various difficulties in displaying work on unknown screens. All images for assessment are printed and in the portfolio box.

With removable disks (CD's USB Sticks) not now allowed (although changed after my work was sent to Barnsley) in the assessment process I have transferred the original work for assignment two and assignment three (as these were delivered to the tutor electronically) to Dropbox. There is no work on Dropbox for assessment, only a copy of work that was sent to my tutor for these two assignments. Work sent to tutor for the remaining assignments is printed and in the portfolio box.

Tutor Original Assignment Two can be seen here 

Tutor Original Assignment Three can be seen here

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