Sunday, 11 January 2015

Assignment 4 - Adjustment to scope.

The research reading is going well, but has made me consider another possible change in the context of the essay. It will still be based entirely on Post-modernism and the critical theory associated with this fascinating and at the same time difficult subject. I feel though a need to refer to more photography and photographers rather than use all the words on the French philosophers and the academic thinking of the late 20th century. The subject clearly spans across literature, religion and other humanities based subjects but in order for me to connect with this I must bias my research towards photography. In doing so I will attempt to analyse how the works of Sherman, Wall etc may influence my own practice.
An issue that is puzzling me at the moment is how I came to be the owner of a Kindle version of Postmodern Art-Photography: A Mediatheoretical Approach by Andreas Lohmann. It isnt advertised as a Kindle book and I have no recollection of how it came to be on my iPad. The paper version sells for over £150. Senior moment perhaps but thank you to the techno gods for my present.

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