Saturday, 8 November 2014

Assignment 3 - Completed

It is just over 2 weeks since this assignment was sent to my tutor and I realise it has not been included in the journal.

In a break with my normal presentation this assignment was presented on a USB stick with no prints. The nature of the assignment is one of working on an assignment following receiving a commission and in this instance the buyer/editor would not need prints as they will make prints of their own for proofing etc to suit the needs of their production press.

The USB stick contained tiff files of the completed pages at A3 as well as all the individual images at 300 dpi. In addition a write up of the final work to place it in the context of the assignment.

For assessment the pages will be printed to aid the assessors viewing of the entire package.

For the journal here are :-

The six pages of the assignment produced as 3 x A3 double page spreads.

The write up.

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