Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Review your last assignment - Assignment 3

I finally sent Assignment 3 to my tutor and it is a relief. This exercise is to review the assignment once the tutor comments have come back, but I will do it now from my own perspective and once again after I receive them.

I am nervous whether this assignment is going to work well at all. Normally I would be quietly confident that I have done enough to "get by" and them make some changes before assessment, but in this case I am not so sure. When I normally work on assignments, whether they be OCA or for others I can formulate a strategy and work around that, researching what is needed to know and make some images or write an essay. In this case I am writing about myself and making photographs close to home and this is not in my comfort zone. My concern is its seen too much as "poor me" and as a result not working objectively, but in an autobiographical sort of way that is likely to happen. Only my family and friends know what happens in my life and to tell others about it is unsettling. The content aside I am not sure the images are right. I shot then two or three times, in different ways to try and communicate different feelings and ended up using some of the first batch anyway. I think there is a tendency to try and overthink the task and the first attempt is often the best as it originates from a gut feeling rather than being over planned. In the end they are not too good technically but I don't think that matters in every scenario these days. Where would post modernism be without some dodgy work being shown.

To be continued.

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