Friday, 11 July 2014

Assignment 3. Second shoot - rejected (maybe)

The need for colour and the exploration of how this will work within the concept of an editorial on the world of a carer led to a second shoot with the Leica M9P and a 35mm lens. Once again the images needed to be complete fact with little manipulation and that is sometimes difficult as the success of my execution will depend on the photography being intimate and without intervention. My worldly confines have become a New (New) Topographics, there is no grand vista only the everyday and the mundane from a rather ordinary  interior landscape. It is therefore a study of how I live within this tiny space (compared to the world which was my previous space) and how I interact with it.

Side Window (Where stuff gets put)
I have at this late stage introduced a new criteria. There will be no pictures of my mother. At the outset I considered this but upon reflection there is no need and as a result her privacy will be retained. There will be images that show her presence in the house by inference and space.

Chair in kitchen near window

Front door and wheelchair

Chair and paraphernalia

Shoes and boots behind tumble drier

The images being considered (a selection above) are of ordinary subjects but they are not ordinary enough within themselves. This may prove to be difficult to achieve but the next shoot will be with the 6x6 film camera when I intend to make a set of images not too dissimilar to the above. The viewpoint is of concern as I believe I am trying to investigate too much at the moment and I need the camera to be an impartial witness not an advocate for the perfect photograph.


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