Thursday, 3 July 2014

Assignment 3. First shoot - rejected.

I mentioned in the last posting that there has been a lengthy evolution in the making of the images for this assignment. My life as a carer has reduced my world into a small place and the images that I want to show are that intimate world of everyday banality using unconstructed photographs. The four below are part of the first shoot. The intention was monochrome (so I used the MM) to enhance the simplicity but I am not sure they worked for me. Monochrome could work but it is in itself semi abstract and I need to be true with the images and make them ordinary at every level. These were too graphic, I had used some tone grading techniques and felt I had over processed them. That's not to say they wont have a role one day, not right for here (assuming I know what right is).

Fridge Door
 Kitchen Door
Utility Room

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