Saturday, 19 April 2014

Assignment Two - Feedback and more

I have to admit that there are times when I wonder if (even after all these years) I am at one with my photography and in the early hours of some mornings consider selling up and moving on. However there are other times when I get inspired and can do little else other than look at photographs, make images, print, read and feel that learning rush we all had as teenagers when first exposed to something new and exciting. The feedback for assignment two arrived in the email this morning and once again I am feeling good about my work. The constant self doubts, the nagging little voice, the inner knowing that maybe you could do better are to some extent banished for a few minutes with the favorable comments. 

The first few comments were about my online reworking of assignment one, which when first submitted had a few issues relating to it that needed my attention. I am pleased that the second set of photographs were seen as more personal. Upon reflection I am sure that my lack of conceptual thinking was due in part to my year away from the degree and with PWDP you start straight off the start line with an assignment rather that a few exercises to warm up with.

Assignment two was thought of as "considered and thoughtful"  with a "strong ability for lateral thinking". This is encouraging for me as I did enjoy the book cover problem solving and realised soon after reading 1984 that there was unlikely to be a simple solution and that the way forward would be with manipulated images that related to the underlying message of the book.

Our tutors do of course look at our learning journals and this where I know there is more work to do. I love books and buy far too many, the result of which is a lack of structure in my reading. This module has a bias towards essays and critical theory and while I have looked at and read much so far there is little evidence of this in the blog which gives the impression (quite rightly) that I haven't been busy. I will address this by way of more mini critical reviews of books and comment on the BJP and Source magazines, both of which I subscribe to. 

I have made a start on assignment three and posted a few images in a recent post. My tutor is happy that we are on the same wavelength with this as it is self directed and moves away from the written requirements of the module. Once again a small comment from the tutor has made me aware of my shortcomings when I write the journal. The comment relates to keeping the prints consistent as my examples varied in size and style. One monochrome and the other colour, both with different aspect ratios. My error here is that I did not explain that the example were of two differing styles and I would never see myself putting them together for that very reason. This reminds me of my time studying law and remembering that the prosecution have to back up their claims with "evidence" rather than wishful rhetoric.

So, on refection I need to smarten up my journal writing and remember that apart from a wider public who may have a look, it is being assessed continually by my tutor and ultimately by the assessors. I need to be precise and offer detailed explanation of my choices backed by how the end products are influenced by my conceptual thinking. 

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