Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Assignment 2 - 1984 - Concept / Draft Images - 2

As I continue with the conceptualisation it is becoming clearer that I need to be more aware of Orwell and the thesis he was portraying within the work. I have worked on a few designs that went nowhere and I will show them here to demonstrate how they may have aspects of "1984" they became too literal and maybe somewhat cliched.

An early concept was the "Big Brother is Watching You" theme. I would rather not go along these lines as there is too much similarity with a TV show and the intent is to produce a design that has underlying Orwell. It is too messy and offers none of what I was looking for.

Early Design "Big Brother is Watching You"

On the basis that the assignment is a mock up of me producing a design for a client (my tutor in this instance) I will work towards two that I would show as finished work. In a real world assignment if the brief wasnt too specified (as it isnt here) I think it only reasonable to offer more than one design.

The original feminie shape, the 101 binary theme image from the previous posting has developed without the 11111000000 binary number for 1984 which I now consider too geeky and for the vast majority of people would mean nothing. The 101 theme continues and the arrangement of text has changed. The spine has now been added. The choice of Font is again taken from the theme of the book. In 1984 there are fewer words in the dictionary, there is fewer of everything so I am assuming The Party would by now have removed most of the Fonts in common use. The Stencil Font is however utilitarian and easy to apply to anything, so for now it is chosen.

Preferred Option 1

The second option I will show to my tutor (client) is based on a small object in the story that links a number of the characters together and has a symbolism on a number of levels.

Preferred Option 2

Preferred Option 2 ver 2

The paperweight is significant as it is the only thing Smith owns, is purchased from Charrington's shop where he and Julia have there affair away from the gaze of the telescreens. I photographed it on an old piece of wood similar to the general appearance in Charringtons shop and upstairs room. It is about 50mm diameter and was shot with a FF DSLR and 105mm macro lens. Lighting was a LED torch with snoot painting the object for 30 seconds, with lens at f45.

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