Monday, 13 July 2015

Assignment 6 - Preparing for Assessment

The brief here is revise and rework all of the previous assignments, and perhaps talk through how I am going to present the work for assessment with my tutor.

As an activity I have been busy with this as the course has proceeded. The question of presentation will be similar to the Landscape module. All photographs will be reprinted for assignment one, two, three and five onto A2 paper with the image size to suit. Some are square, some 3x2 aspect ratio and some multiple images. Within an assignment the images are all printed to the same size. The photographs are printed by myself on a 24" HP Z3200 Designjet using HP Instant Dry Satin. Due to the printer being roll fed there can be an issue with prints curling, especially as the paper comes closer to the core. All prints are therefore glued to 285g card to overcome the curling and at A2 size prevent the prints buckling when handled. Each set of prints will proceeded with a title sheet. In a change from the presentation from Landscape I will not be separating the prints with tissue paper. There is good reason to do this (it prevents the back of one print rubbing the ink of the adjacent print) but I can imagine how irritating it is for the assessors to manage 30 plus sheets of tissue paper when trying to look at the work. I will have to take the risk that the prints wont damage themselves and if they have I hope the assessment is not marked down for this. My normal practice when boxing and transporting prints is to use tissue paper but in those instances there is less work to look at and more time available by the client.

The prints will be transported in a Silverprint 70mm A2 black portfolio box. In addition to the prints there will be the following in the box.

An introduction with contents list

Tutor reports with my comments and actions.
Original write ups on the making of the individual assignments
Reworked write ups as required
Original Critical Review
Re worked Critical Review
Course Notebook
USB stick with original work where submitted to Tutor electronically
Details on the USB stick with URL of this Learning Journal

The only aspect of the above that I still have to decide upon is the method of binding the
text files. For landscape I used a 4 ring binder with dividers which worked well but is maybe a bit bulky. I am considering binding the individual assignments with a spiral binding machine for this occasion.

I have entered for the November assessment.

Edit: Confirmation from tutor is that the tissue paper is not required and the assignments bound individually will befine.

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