Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Assignment 5 - Introducing Andy Warhol

My research of the botanical motif started with Fox Talbot, moved to Blossfeldt and has ended in the Post Modern with Andy Warhol. It is difficult to know where to begin and end with this type of image. The original is a distant memory made a few weeks ago now reincarnated into something completely different than maybe Blossfeldt would have envisaged. I am not sure how much of this work will get into this assignment or get to assessment because I am somewhat coy about the amount of post processing that goes into these.

Black Background
White Background
White background added.


  1. I do like this (though I think I'd prefer it without the thick black border).

  2. I agree with you Duncan and have added a white version above. The white is sympathetic to the pinks and makes the image fresher.