Monday, 2 June 2014

Note Book

The Note Book

Because this learning journal is public, meant to be written in an academic style (that didn't bother me previously on Landscape) and visible to my tutor I am finding myself with thoughts and reflection that are not getting written here, due to lack of cogent thinking. For instance, I am fascinated by the poetry of Dylan Thomas and recently watched a TV programme about his life and major works. It didn't focus too much on "Under Milk Wood" (because thats not really a poem) but did look at some other work that interested me. The notes I made are in the note book, scribbled as I watched and have some extremely sketchy bullet point ideas about using poetry alongside photography in a slide show piece of work. To reproduce it here would lose the essence of what I am thinking because of the formalised natured of the keyboard generated text. The notebook will therefore be submitted for assessment alongside this more structured journal. It comes with caveats and warnings that the readers will find it often contradicts what I later write here and in some cases it will be flawed, bigoted and contain some unsustainable thinking. 

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