Saturday, 15 March 2014

Using Type Tools - Applying a drop shadow to type

Following on from the previous exercise and using the same file the task now is to add a drop shadow to the title text. This was not a technique that I had come across before.

The workflow is.

  1. Duplicate the "Title" layer
  2. Click on the lower of the two
  3. Layers > Gaussian Blur and set radius to 10 pixels
  4. Use Move tool
  5. Move down and to the right
  6. Layers window, set opacity to 50%

Screen grab with drop shadow.

The technique is a gimmick and not one that I will be using too often. There are numerous variations within the capabilities of Photoshop to produce work suitable for any number of situations.

Screen grab for coloured drop shadow

More to be added.

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