Monday, 30 September 2013

Assignment 1 - First shoot

Despite my last post I decided to try and do this work with the 24mm T/S lens. I need to consider the architecture, the tight shooting locations and the Atget in me at the moment. So, armed with the D3 and the 24mm I spent an hour in the area just off the Tuesday market place, in alleyways, around the stage door at the arts centre and in Ackemans yard. Forty or so on a day that was too sunny really but I needed to get out there and test some of my theories. The Raw files of course look disappointing, but that is not a problem as they will all undergo thorough post process. The ultra wide focal length of the 24mm is sometimes a nuisance, especially when there is foreground, but the emptiness of the area is part of the overall concept, so I will leave my normal thoughts of filling the foreground alone for this. Atget never photographed anything in Paris that was a landmark. The Eiffel tower is in the distance in one or two and on that basis I am leaving out the touristy landmark buildings. In fact so far it is mostly off the beaten track where people once worked. The occasional sign of life is where boutique styled artisans or small businesses have rented a room and there is a tiny sign. I will PP some tomorrow and if too contrast wait till later in the week when the forecast is for dull and overcast.  

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