Monday, 18 February 2013

New Journal

This learning journal is for the level 2 degree module "Progressing with Digital Photography" at The Open College of The Arts. It is being started ahead of enrolling because while I am not able to be in active study  I am continuing with a number of photography initiatives that may be incorporated later during the module.

These include:-

Film based work flow for monochrome output.
  1. Monochrome using a hybrid analogue / digital work flow.
  2. Using 120 roll film - test Tri-x and HP5 . 
  3. Manufacture processing fluids from base chemicals.
  4. Processing black and white film suitable for scanning - density to suit scanner.
  5. 2 bath developers, Diafine and variations on D23.
  6. Focus calibration of the Epson V750 scanner using fully adjustable mount.
  7. Wet scanning with the Epson V750 scanner.
  8. Managing the image quality from the V750 scanner using various software packages.
Wildlife Photography.
  1. Outside studio for small bird portraits
  2. The natural history of The Nar Valley
  3. Barn Owls.
  4. Hares on the North Norfolk Ridge..
In addition I am continuing with a reading list including :-
  1. The Photography Reader - Liz Wells (This is a PWDP course book)
  2. On Photography - Susan Sontag
  3. Land Matters - Liz Wells
  4. The Negative - Ansel Adams
  5. The Darkroom Cookbook - Steve Anchell
  6. Wildlife Photographer, A course in creative photography - Chris Gomershall
  7. Behind the Image - Fox and Carurana
  8. Leica Fotografie International

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  1. Good to see you back in harness Nigel. With regard to the developer I use Prescysol from Peter Hogan who, I would say, has developed it from desiring a similar aesthetic requirement as you. Peter is very active on fora and is very hepfull if you need to ask questions etc. I still use a minolta for medium format scanning (though after many years service it is showing some signs of wear), and I have invested in an epson 750, so will watch your progress with interest.